Orchard Autos


Orchard Autos

Orchard Autos proprietor Nick Smith brought his business to Sidmouth in 2014. His business as an MOT and auto mobile repair workshop has been established since 1975.

Nick required a website for his new business and approached EDIT for the project. The client wanted a clean and simple site giving potential clients what they are after, information regarding their service.

The site was built using responsive techniques and highly optimised to give performance on all devices and screens. The client provided the content for the project right from the start so the build was smooth and very easy to implement, without compromising quality and performance.


CAS Footcare

CAS Footcare www.casfootcare.uk

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UK Mobile e-commerce set to increase 584% in 2012

UK Mobile e-commerce set to increase 584% in 2012 A report on internetretailing.net commissioned by Kelkoo and carried out by the Centre for Retail Research contains some astonishing figures! The report reveals that, for the third year runn

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We are often looking for high quality candidates here at EDIT in either IT support, telecoms or web based roles. The lack of a specific vacancy advertisement does not necessarily mean that we would not consider a candidate of the right quality. If y

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