Sidmouth Chamber Of Commerce

The Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce represents and lobbies on behalf of all Sidmouth businesses and is a key factor in the town. The previous website was very outdated and was not performing as the Chamber would have liked.

The Chamber Committee approached East Devon IT with the criteria, scope and overall objective of what they expected from the new site. With some of our own ideas and technical experience thrown in we had a great design and build prospect.

The website has been custom coded by our web team with it's own content management system allowing the committee the ability to edit content throughout the heart of the site. This includes wording and images with the ability for them to add new events as well via a controlled private area. There is also a customised form with validation where members can join the Chamber should they wish to do so. There is a member spotlight at the footer of the site showing a single business and selected details randomly generated on each page load.

The site centers around the members directory, a highly custom build directory of businesses and individuals. This is completely editable and unpalatable by the committee themselves where they can change and add business information, contact details, company logos, images sent by the members and the ability to locate, simply and quickly, where the business is on a map which is then displayed in the listing itself.

There is also some great social media integration with each member listing where the committee can add Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin icons together with the path to their respective pages.

Finally, the website has been built to be completely responsive. Any screen or device, whether it's a tablet or smart phone and even TV's, will show the website appropriately according to the viewport width. The site is available on the move and at your fingertips!


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