Kennaway House of Sidmouth

Kennaway House

Kennaway House in Sidmouth is the towns iconic building, an impressively restored regency mansion in East Devon.

The original website was inefficient for them now as they are ever growing and expanding with different events and projects.

The site needed to reflect this and the client needed to be able to update the content themselves without the need to rely on the web developers to do so for them.

Here at East Devon IT we designed the site from a brief given to us by the staff and the results were a nicely crafted site with textures, patterns and specific colours.

The site makes great use of responsive design techniques meaning the site works brilliantly on all types of media - screen, tablets and mobile devices.


Hayman's Butchers

Hayman's Butchers of Sidmouth Hayman's Butchers of Sidmouth have been trading in the town for over 100 years - quite impressive to say the least. Having had a website for some time Hayman's felt it was due a

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Data Protection Act - Data Loss

Data Protection Act - Data Loss Failure to take data protection and data loss seriously is no longer an option. The Information Commissioner’s Office has issued a new guide which means that penalties of up to £500,000 can be imposed for breac

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The Fastest Personal Computer in the World is a Mac!

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