Do Something Everyday To Promote Your Website

It's heartbreaking... your shiny new website design goes live and expectantly you wait for the flood of new business... Then nothing!

Promote Your Website

Where is all the website traffic ?

Where are all the new leads ?

Unfortunately the simple fact of just having a website, does not mean you will automatically get lots of website visitors. In truth, to all intents and purposes a new website is practically invisible to the world.

Therefore, if you want people to find your website you must promote it!

This can seem very daunting, and often people claim they do not have the time and don't know where to begin with promoting their site.

However you don't need to spend loads of time everyday, if you just spend a small amount of time doing something, this will soon add up to a considerable amount of promotional work!

But, the trick is to do something everyday. Here are a list of suggestion for a small something you could do:

  • Tweet! your business should be using twitter But twitter only works as a promotional tool if you tweet! And tweeting only takes a few moments, so tweet!
  • Add something to your Facebook page. Increasingly businesses also have Facebook pages. Again you can easily add something to this page is a matter of moments.
  • Promote Your Website
  • Add a client testimonial to your website. This is great website content, it provided keywords for the search engines, and helps build trust with prospective customers.
  • Comment on someone else's blog. If you read things online, whenever there is an opportunity to leave a comment do so. 99% of the time, when you leave a comment you can also leave a link back to your own site. If your comment is thoughtful you might find people clicking on your link to find out more about you!
  • Post on a business forum. There are plenty of forums out there, and almost certainly one that relates to your business. Join one, get reading and get posting. Every time you make an entry on a forum you are again generating back links to your website and showing that you have something to say.
  • Add yourself to a business directory. Again there are plenty of directory sites out there, some cost money, but plenty are also free. It's a simply job to put your details in online, and again this will create more presence for your website on the internet.
  • Post a blog. Hopefully your website has a blog. (if not get one!) Posts do not need to be huge, but do try to put something interesting online!

If you do one of these things everyday, you will be helping to promote your website. If you do two, even better. If you do three... well you get the idea.

The key is to do a little something everyday. Put in in your diary, or on your calendar, or in your phone. Over a relatively short period of time all these efforts will add up to a considerable online presence and really go a long way to promoting your website.


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