To eCommerce Or To Not eEcommerce?


Many small businesses struggle with the decision of whether to go online and start selling.

E-Commerce, otherwise known as selling online can seem a very daunting prospect. This seems to be especially so for existing businesses for whom online selling can be outside of their comfort zone.

However it is becoming increasingly apparent, with the exponential growth in on-line retail and the hard facts of a tough economic climate, that selling, or at the very least promoting your business online must be an essential part of your business model.

"The simplest definition of Business is – Any activity or transaction which involves the exchange of goods and services with an objective of earning an income by making a profit. If this very transaction is executed over the internet it is called E-commerce."

And the unavoidable, inescapable, inexorable fact, is that the trend of people using the internet and smartphone's to buy online is growing and growing and growing.

Some enlightening figures have been published here which show and ever increasing trend in ecommerce:

eCommerce Statistics for UK

These figures speak for themselves!

Over 27 million people shopping online in 2011 (this year) growing to over 30 million by 2014. And that's just in the UK, what about selling overseas as well..!

Seriously... no kidding... if you've got a business, get online...


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