Find out Who Is Visiting Your Website

Hit Counter Image the old way to website analysis

In the early days of the internet the cutting edge technology for recording who was visiting your website was the "hit counter".

And if you where really cutting edge you would show a little counter on your home page, so everyone could see how many hits you've had!

I can distinctly remember being impressed by this....

Times have now moved on (thankfully)

There are numerous paid and free web tracking and analysis services available.

Google Analytics Logo

One of the best is free and it's called Google Analytics

I consider myself to be a fairly well seasoned web user, however, the amount of website traffic information available in Google Analytics is truly amazing!

You can find out numerous things about the people coming to your website, and more importantly about your website itself.

Some examples are:

  • What is the most popular page on your website
  • Which search engines are people using to find your site
  • What keywords are people using to find your site
  • Where are the people from who are coming to your site (geographically)
  • Which pages are people leaving your site from
  • How long are people spending on your site
  • This list could go on and on....

If you want your website design to be successful it is vital that you use some type of analysis, and Google Analytics is one of the best.


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