Domain Names And Website Hosting - The Beginners Guide

Domain Names and Website Hosting - A Beginners Guide

The whole domain name, website hosting, internet thingy can be a little confusing and daunting.

Those in the know can easily put off those who are not!

However do not fear, our simple guide to Domain Names and Website Hosting is here!

So, if you're thinking of getting a website, or would like to make changes to your existing oneā€¦

Domain Names

The internet works by computers sending information to each other. The method they use to do this is something called "Internet Protocol" or IP. Don't worry about this for now! The only thing you need to know about this is that for it to work each computer on the internet has to have an address or name.

And of course being a computer this name is just a string of numbers, not very friendly for us mere humans!

This is where the domain name comes in.

Using something called the "Domain Name System" or DNS when you type into your computer, this is invisibly transformed into the string of numbers that your computer needs to talk to East Devon IT!


Website Hosting

A website itself is made up of a collection of files and pictures.

These can contain a variety of programming and mark-up languages such as HTML, Java, PHP, etc etc, etc... (Again don't worry about this for now!)

Put together and viewed with a web browser (like Internet Explorer or Firefox) they appear as a fully fledged, functioning website!

However, for everyone in the world to be able to see your website they need to sit on a computer that is always connected to the internet.

This is where website hosting comes in...

Hosting is simply the service of having the collection of files that make up your website placed on a computer that is permanently connected to the internet.

This computer should also be permanently turned on of course, and usually backed up in some way.

Putting your Domain Name and Web hosting together

So to get your website up and running you need to set up hosting (ideally with a reputable company) and put the files that make up your website in the appropriate place

You then need to register a domain name.

In this registration process you let the internet know where the files are that that domain name should point to.

So when people type in they will see your website!

Many companies can offer you both these services, but you do not have to have your domain registration and web hosting with the same supplier.

And remember, like everything else in life you do get what you pay for! It's worth shopping around for a good deal on these services, but if you go for super cheap, don't be surprised if you receive a super cheap service!

So don't hesitate any longer... Get your fantastic new website hosted and domain name registered now!


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