What are you losing by NOT having a Web Site?

Want to know what you're missing out on by not having a website?

Why all local businesses need a website

Recent research has shown that less that 50% of small businesses have a web site and that more that 45% of small business owners think that that they don’t even need one!

However business owners need to realise that the only thing phone books are used for these days is as a doorstop!

All three major search engines have started skewing their results towards local even if the user doesn’t request this.

i.e. Google, Bing and Yahoo will tell people who the nearest plumber is….

But only ones with a web presence!

If you don’t have a website you are losing customers, it’s as simple as that…

A business can get on line without a website by appearing in various directories or social media sites, but these sites do not give you the control you need to start gathering prospects.

Without a real website you lose the ability to:

  • Differentiate yourself
  • Create authority with your prospects
  • Spread ideas & get social
  • Benefit from search engines bias to show local results
  • Share your company story and information
  • Present a professional and trustworthy image
  • Save costs by answering frequently asked questions / deal with sales objections
  • Target your area (defined by postcode, points of interest, ideas, etc)
  • Build an email list.

The search engines’ obsession with local results has made your Web site an even bigger part of your business and marketing plan.

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