FACT: 85% of website visitors find the site initially through search engines or directories Source British Computer Society Survey, Sept 2004

Can potential customers find you on the Internet?

Do you know how your customers are finding your web site?

If not, why not? Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to any business that cares about driving traffic to their site, and increasing sales.

We will offer you a search engine marketing and submission service that is unrivalled in Devon and the South West.

Our search engine marketing and search engine submission solutions give your small business a level playing field with big businesses on the Internet.

Following our keyword analysis and website solutions, our search engine marketing and submission solution goes further to submit your website to major search engines and directories to make sure potential customers can see you online.

We will also advise you on submission of your site details to specific portals related to your industry. Adoption of this advice would further increase the probability of your prospective customers finding you.

Take advantage of our Search Engine Optimisation Service to maximise the effectiveness of your website using our search engine submission solution. This will ensure that your website is not lost in cyberspace and therefore will serve its purpose of attracting your target customers.

Get your fully optimised website in front of your potential customers and be sure to see your sales increase. Whether you’re based in Exeter, Devon or anywhere else around the UK, give us a call today.

Our professional team of web experts knows exactly how to determine which words and phrases your target audience are using to find businesses like yours. If your site is not being matched against those searches, then your customers are someone else's customers now.

“Our search optimization service for small and medium sized businesses is unrivalled in Devon”

Sticks and stones

Are you still waiting to see a return on the investment you made in your website? Of course the design is important, but the importance of words and copy cannot be underestimated. Any site that fails to integrate keyword analysis risks becoming a financial black hole, and that's going to hurt!

How will you know if your site is making best use of keywords for your business? Here are EDIT we can give you an accurate and pain free diagnosis, and help your site to recover from poor web copy and mark-up.

Using High-Quality Content

As most people will say, content is king!

This is certainly the case when it comes to website content design. Your website serves as your place of business online and the content represents your sales force on the Internet.

We all know that the quality of your sales team and your sales process will determine the success of your business; therefore it is important to take your website content design seriously.

We can help you to create a website with effective content that it optimised to suit your industry. Our Search Engine Optimisation Service provides input to our website content design resulting in very precise and targeted content that will arouse your customer’s curiosity and lure them in.

The goal is to grab the visitor's attention and make the sale!

Convince your customers to do business with you through effective content on your website and be sure to see your sales increase.

Make sure your business is visible to your customers. Get in touch now for a free quote, or call us on 01392 908000.


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