Few businesses will be aware of the different types of broadband that there are and consequently do not receive the appropriate broadband for their needs. Usually the only thing that a business can relate to is the stated speed. This is so often just a “headline” speed, a marketing tool that quotes the highest technical specification for the line. This theoretical speed does not really have a bearing on the user experience nor the suitability for its intended use because many other factors play a part. Furthermore, usually the only speed quoted is the download speed. The upload speed is rarely quoted but there are in fact two levels of upload speed for ADSL. Quite often this fact is not mentioned and the lower speed is supplied. That may be fine if you are a home user where all you are likely to be doing is browsing the internet and making the odd download but businesses are much more likely to make use of and therefore need to consider two way traffic.

Apart from the regularly quoted “*8Mb” or “Max” services there are also two classes of service - IP Stream and Data Stream. Data Stream being significantly inferior to IP Stream when applied to the business environment. Yet another factor is contention ratios, few broadband purchasers know that there are high or low contention ratios or what this means.

Many exchanges are now ADSL2+ enabled and that changes the landscape too. Add to that the need for IP addresses or ranges and fault care and one can now hopefully see that it is not as straight forward as taking the salesman’s word for it that what you have it is the right product for you. Many services are sold as “business” systems but are in fact only really appropriate for Home\Office type business use.

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